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Renault reveals new 1.6l twin turbo diesel engine with 160 HP


A future ready diesel engine from Renault, offering 160 HP power and 380 Nm torque, is revealed. Apart from this, the new Renault diesel engine offers an improved mileage, by as much as 25%. This makes the Renault 1.6l diesel engine as good as the 2.0l diesel engine, with better fuel economy.

The twin turbo charged 1.6l diesel engine comes with number of technologies borne out of their know how in F1, notably in terms of cooling and friction reduction. Like – transverse water flow system permits faster and more efficient cooling of the combustion chamber, DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) super-finishing of the cam followers also reduces friction, and ‘U’-section U-Flex piston rings adapt to changes in the form of the cylinder walls resulting from fluctuations in temperature and pressure to yield the optimum compromise between efficiency and friction.

Renault reveals new 1.6l twin turbo diesel engine with 160 HP (1)Speaking about the performance of new 1.6l diesel heart, Renault says that their engine delivers a very low inertia turbo which provides high low-end torque for crisp pull-away and mid-range acceleration. To guarantee sprightly pick-up response at low revs and incisive acceleration, 90% of peak torque is available from 1,500rpm. The second turbo assumes the reins at the higher-end and produces high power (100hp per litre) at faster engine speeds to ensure smooth, linear, dependable acceleration right the way up to maximum revs.

The fuel injection system of the Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo operates at a pressure of 1,800 bar to function with the twin turbocharger. It complies with Euro 6b emissions legislation and incorporates a NOx Trap and particulate filter regeneration system.

By dint of its efficiency, this engine is comfortably capable of powering larger vehicles, and will notably be available for Renault’s forthcoming D- and E-segment models.

Renault reveals new 1.6l twin turbo diesel engine with 160 HP (2)


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