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Renault Sales Break Up Sep 2020 – Kwid Regains Top Spot From Triber

After losing the title of being No 1 selling Renault car in India to Triber for 2 consecutive months, Kwid is back on top

Renault India posted 8,805 units in sales for September 2020. This is an increase of 5.51 percent, up from 8,345 units sold in Sep 2019 at volume gain of 460 units. The brand does so on the back of a surprisingly limited product lineup.

Renault Kwid small car being the frontrunner for the month accounted for 4,513 units sold at an increase of 50.68 percent gaining 1,518 units in volume. Of the vehicles sold, Kwid sales accounts for more than half of all Renault cars sold last month at 51.25 percent.

This is in line with market trends wherein the mass market entry level car from various manufacturers has found takers in September 2020. The ongoing festive season is expected to be a positive one for the small car market. Recently launched Kwid Neotech Edition is expected to boost sales further during the festive season.

Renault Car Sales Break Up Sep 2020
Renault Car Sales Break Up Sep 2020 vs Aug 2020 vs Aug 2019

Renault Triber sales have declined 11.70 percent at volume loss of 551 units. Sales fell to 4,159 units from 4,710 units. Triber sales account for 47.23 percent of total sales. The remainder 133 units are on account of Duster sales at 1.51 percent of total sales. Sales fell 75.55 percent from 544 units at volume loss of 411 units. Recently, Renault Duster turbo petrol was launched recently.?

Captur, Lodgy Discontinued

Renault Captur sales were already dwindling and with BS6 compliancy mandated since April 1, 2020, Renault India has for now discontinued the brand by not upgrading it as a BS6 product. If the company decides to reintroduce and continue selling Captur in India, it’s left to be seen, which engine the company will use, and whether or not the car will get a complete exterior update, or will be tweaked.

Another car that was on its last leg this time last year is the Lodge MPV. With Renault not upgrading the small volume car, there are no signs of the vehicle being reintroduced.

Next Launches

Renault has its sights on an all new vehicle, the for now called Kiger, which shares platform with Nissan Magnite. Both vehicles are yet to be launched, and will entire a segment that rakes in decent numbers for the top players. Kia Sonet, and offering in the sub 4-metre compact segment was launched about a fortnight earlier, and was able to report sales of 9,266 units.

Renault Kiger would have to take on the behemoth if it were to leave a lasting impact in the market. This will be necessary as it falls well within Renault India’s business plans that have for the most part revolved around introducing mass market cars that rake in volumes.

With Renault India intense on improving its market share here, Renault Kiger is an important part of its growth plan. While Renault Kiger launch is awaited, the manufacturer has been able to consolidate sales and stay in the green based on Kwid and Triber sales. Sequential/MoM sales growth has been reported at 9.24 percent at 745 units volume gain, up from 8,060 units sold in August 2020.

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