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A fourteen year old’s set of wheels, Renault Twizy 45


Of course EU, where else. Not that 14 year olds haven’t been caught driving in India, but it clearly remains an unlawful activity irrespective of vehicle type. European Union’s new directive, France has adapted the regulation, which pertains to light quadricycles. Now, 14-year-olds with BSR road safety certificates can drive light motorized quadricycles. The age limit previously was determined at 16 and over. The equivalent for teens riding in India is a gearless scooter at 16.

Renault Twizy 45
Renault Twizy 45

Renault Twizy 45 battery-powered two-passenger electric quadricycle functions as an alternative to scooters. At the same time, it’s safety and comfort offering are superior to those offered by two-wheelers. Twizy 45 features an airbag, double seatbelts, disc brakes and a protective cell as standard.

As a vehicle, Renault Twizy 45 lets young people gain an understanding of driving at a young age. With over 15,000 Twizy’s on road in Europe, the new ruling will allow younger people to acquire independent mobility in a safe vehicle. It’s naming is self explanatory pointing to top speed being limited to 45 km/h (28 mph).