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Renault’s F1 inspired EV concept to be revealed today


Renault will be revealing a new EV concept based on F1 technology at their company plant in Valladolid, Spain later today. Nothing much has been said or shown, all we have is the teaser image here.

renault f1 based ev concept teaserOffering just a teaser of the upcoming vehicle, to start with, it may be seen that the vehicle will sport an electric motor with F1 technology which could be associated with KERS boost system.

The new EV concept from Renault, is expected to be seen with enhanced styling and outstanding performance and will most probably be based on one of the company’s existing EV platforms. Renault along with appliance partners Nissan is the forerunners where electric vehicle technology is concerned. The duo an exciting lineup of electric vehicles which include the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf besides Fluence and Kangoo ZE and the two seater Twizy city car.

The new vehicle brings with it Formula One technologies as it is developed by Renault Sport F1, the F1 wing of Renault. It is their RS27 V8 engine that has been seen powering one third of the grid besides winning constructors three times in a row. No further details of this upcoming concept are available and fans will need to wait a few more hours, before the details are officially out.


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