Renault Master Energy dCi100 and Energy dCi 125 engines fuel efficiency

New Renault MasterHigher levels of fuel efficiency and lower levels of auto emissions are much in demand is in today’s age. These two factors are exactly what the new Renault Energy dCi100 and Energy dCi 125 engines promise. Fuel economy is enhanced by upto 1 liter less per 100 kms while auto emissions are at least 26 gms less per km.

These Master Energy engines are capable of offering 7.4 liters per 100 kms and 195 gms of CO2 per km and are due to endeavors of Renault engineers who have strived hard to bring this about. The company has commenced orders for these two high performance engines with each model costing €300 + VAT. The engines come with a start/stop facility which switches off the engines when vehicles are at a standstill and this goes a long way in reducing fuel efficiency and bringing down auto emissions which will contribute to cleaner urban driving conditions.

Though the figures of fuel efficiency and auto emission may seem small it does mean that Renault Master can reduce fuel consumption by 1 liter per 100 kms and this will result in a saving of over €3,200 in three years for L2H2 dCi 125 combi van or upto €1,800 for a 3.5 tonne L2H2 dCi 125 van in the same period of time.