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Pictorial Review of the Alfa Romeo 4C

Details of the 4C were first revealed at the Geneva Auto Show in 2011, and the production car will finally be available in the year to come. Upon first glance it seems that this powerful supercar could restore the brand to the prestige it has been associated with in the past. It’s worth taking a closer look at the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C to see how it measures up to its supercar competition.

Exterior Design

The Alfa Romeo 4C immediately stands out for its beautiful design, with sleek curves and features. It boasts rear-wheel drive, which is a feature that Alfa Romeo hasn’t offered since their 75 saloon car. This fact and the classic bodywork make it reminiscent of some of the brand’s most classic models, which will thrill enthusiasts of Italian car design. The car is fairly compact, with a wheelbase of 2.38 metres and a length of just under 4 metres. Yet it feels quite spacious inside, with an added aerodynamic agility that its compact size allows.

Engine Power and Performance

The turbocharged, four-cylinder engine provides 240 bhp and a peak torque of 258 lb ft. Drivers can choose from dynamic, normal, or all-weather driving modes, as with the Mito and Giulietta. This allows you to customise engine performance along with stability control and transmission according to road conditions. The car accelerates quickly and with a clean rumble, and is able to handle tight corners and road bumps with ease. It’s built for speed, and offers a powerful performance that you can imagine on the track as well as on the street. The rear-wheel drive and weight distribution of 40 to 60 front to rear gives it a feeling of balance even as you drive it at top speed.

Additional Features

The 4C’s interior is spare and clean, with a minimalist edge that allows passengers to focus on the car’s performance. This helps set it apart from rival Ferraris or Porsches, as one of its distinguishing features. The chunky steering wheel is covered in leather, with paddle gear-shifters and other controls integrated for easy access. The pedals are composed of aluminium, with supportive seats and satisfying leather handles to grab onto around tight corners. The fuel economy is reported at 41 mpg, which is not too shabby for a car of this power and speed.

If you’re intrigued by the new Alfa Romeo 4C, you’ll have to sign up early, as there will only be 3,500 units produced each year. First deliveries will begin at the end of 2014, and it remains to be seen whether this new affordable supercar will make Alfa Romeo a bigger success in the Asian market.

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