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Revolt Electric Motorcycle Now Cheapest In Gujarat – Up To Rs 68k Savings

Revolt Motors Ahmedabad
Revolt Motors Ahmedabad

EV sales could gain traction, as both state government and centre have announced subsidy hikes

With their high pricing, electric two wheelers had remained largely inaccessible for majority of users. However, things are expected to change in the coming months with substantial increase in subsidies. The price gap stands reduced, which can provide the right motivation to users to switch to electric. Many electric two wheelers are now cheaper than top selling petrol powered products such as Hero Splendor, Honda Activa, and TVS Jupiter.

Revolt RV400 price cut

With Gujarat’s new EV policy in place and FAME-II subsidy hike, customers in the state can save up to Rs 68,000 on Revolt’s flagship electric motorcycle RV400. In its new EV policy, the state government has taken some progressive steps to promote the use of electric vehicles.

Gujarat government has stated that it will offer double the subsidy than any other state. There are plans to increase the number of EVs in the state to 2 lakh units in the next four years.

For electric two wheelers, the state government in Gujarat is offering subsidy of Rs 10,000 per kWh. For Revolt RV400, this translates into savings of Rs 20k for customers. This is in addition to Rs 15,000 per kWh subsidy that is available under central government’s FAME-II policy. Subsidies under FAME-II were recently increased by 50%.

Revolt Motors Ahmedabad
Revolt Motors Ahmedabad

Rs 68,000 worth of savings is a substantial amount, which is likely to attract more customers. Even before the new subsidy hike, Revolt RV400 was one of the most in-demand electric two wheelers in the country. The company had launched a flash sale recently, wherein all available units were booked within two hours. The company had said that motorcycles worth Rs 50 crore were booked during the flash sale.

With FAME-II subsidy hike, Revolt RV400 is now available under Rs 1 lakh in Delhi-NCR region. RV400 is also available for sale in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. Revolt has said that it will reopen bookings soon. Interested customers can register their interest on Revolt website via ‘Notify Me’ button.

Revolt RV400 powertrain and specs

RV400 utilizes a 3KW (mid drive) motor, connected to a 72V, 3.24KWh lithium-ion battery pack. Based on their needs, users can choose from three ride modes of Eco, Normal and Sports. The speed and range varies based on the mode selected.

Max range of 150 km is available in Eco mode. However, speed is just 45 kmph in Eco mode. Top speed of 85 kmph can be achieved in Sports mode, but range drops to 80 km. The Normal mode is the most balanced, offering 65 kmph speed and 100 km range.

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