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Revolt electric motorcycle one time pay option launched – Details

Revolt electric motorcycle Pune
Image – Col. Maneesh Joshi

Launched back in Aug 2019, Revolt electric motorcycles are offered in three trims – RV300, RV400, RV400 premium. All three are similar in design, but have different colours, battery package and price.

Until now, all three Revolt electric motorcycles were sold via a plan which Revolt called ‘MRP’ or ‘My Revolt Price’. Under this, you needed to pay a certain amount every month, just like EMI, in order to purchase the motorcycle.

For RV300, the monthly price was Rs 2,999; RV400 was Rs 3,499 and the RV400 premium was Rs 3,999. You had to pay this amount for 37 months. This price includes the entire cost of the bike which includes registration, RTO charges, etc. It also includes regular servicing, maintenance and insurance of your Revolt motorcycle.

Revolt electric motorcycle plans
Features of Revolt electric motorcycle under EMI plan vs One time payment plan. Image – Col. Maneesh Joshi

In order to get this plan, you will be asked to fill a loan application form, and will have to submit your last three month bank statement or IT returns or both; depending on the individual. Revolt has tied up with a financial institution for this. This plan is not a lease. It is a loan against your name. So even if you plan on returning the bike for some reason, you will have to pay the full 37 months EMI.

For those who do not want to take this loan or EMI scheme, Revolt has now launched a one time payment offer. It is only on offer with the base RV300 and the top RV400 premium. One time payment fee for RV300 is Rs 84,999 and that for RV400 premium us Rs 98,999.

Unlike the EMI plan, the one time payment plan price does not include cost of registration/RTO (On Actuals), Insurance, RC Smart Card, One-time mandatory charge of 4G connectivity for 3 years. You will have to pay separately to purchase these.

Speaking about the performance of these electric motorcycles – The RV300 gets a smaller electric motor rated at 1.5 kW offering a top speed of 65 kmph and a range of 180 kms on full charge in Eco mode while it reduces to 110km in Normal mode and to 80 km in Sport mode.

The RV400 gets a 3.24 kW lithium battery and claims a top speed of 85 kmph. This motor offers a range of 156 kms and gets charged with a regular plug which can be attached to a wall socket. The battery is removable and weighs a total of 19 kgs.

After opening dealers in Delhi, Revolt opened dealers in Pune yesterday. Over the next 4 months they will open dealerships in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chennai. First batch of Revolt electric motorcycles is sold out. Bookings for second batch is being accepted. Delivery slot available now is for Nov-Dec period.

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