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Revolt Electric Motorcycle Prices Increased Up To Rs 14k – Bookings Closed

Revolt Electric Motorcycle
Revolt Electric Motorcycle

This is the second time that the company has increased prices this year, the first being in Feb 2020

Electric two wheeler maker Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd has announced a price hike for its two electric bikes RV300 and RV400. The two bikes were launched in India last year (Aug 2019) and introduced across the country in a phased manner.

At first, the two bikes were only available via EMI option, which Revolt called as MRP or My Revolt Plan. But just two months after the launch, in Oct 2019, the company also announced one time payment option. Prices of both these options have now been increased.

Revolt RV400 Price Hike

The RV400 is now priced at Rs.1,18,999, up Rs.10,000 over its earlier price of Rs.1,08,999. Booking amount has been increased by Rs.4,200. While earlier buyers could earlier make a down payment of Rs.2,999, they will now be able to booking the RV400 at Rs.7,199. This means the effective price hike is of Rs 14,200.

EMI schemes, for 36 and 24 months are also on offer with the RV400. The 38 month scheme came in at an earlier price of Rs.3,999 which is not applicable as on date. The 36 month EMI scheme and 24 month EMI scheme are now at Rs.4,399 and Rs.6,075 respectively. There is also a one-time booking and payment option available to buyers up Rs.14,200 from an earlier Rs.1,11,998 to Rs.1,26,198.

Revolt Electric Motorcycle Prices Dec 2020
Revolt Electric Motorcycle Prices Dec 2020

The price of the RV300 has also been increased by Rs.10,000. The old price of Rs.84,999 has now been increased to Rs.94,999 while a one-time payment and booking charge has been increased by Rs.14,200 from 87,998 to Rs.1,02,198. Booking amount has also been increased by Rs.4,200 from an earlier Rs.2,999 to Rs.7,199.

The RV300 is offered with 36 month and 24 month EMI schemes. The 36 month EMI scheme is now at Rs.3,174, up Rs.175 as against Rs.2,999 offered earlier and the 24 month EMI scheme has been introduced at Rs.4,383. Both the RV400 and RV300 are entitled to FAME II subsidy at Rs.32,000 and Rs.27,000 respectively which can be claimed only once as per Aadhar Card.

Revolt RV 300New Price
One Time Pay94,999
36 Month EMI3,174
24 Month EMI4,383
Booking Amount7,199
One Time Pay + Booking1,02,198
Revolt RV 400New Price
One Time Pay1,18,999
38 Month EMINA
36 Month EMI4,399
24 Month EMI6,075
Booking Amount7,199
One Time Pay + Booking1,26,198

Bookings closed

Revolt Intellicorp has announced that they will not be accepting any fresh bookings as on date due to overwhelming response. New orders will only open from 15th December 2020. Though made in India, certain parts of the motorcycle are imported from China. Due to lockdown and ongoing border issues with China, many OEMs have faced issues with supply chain. This has resulted in issues like higher waiting period, unavailability of spares, etc.

Engine Specs

The RV300 uses a 2.7 kWh battery pack powering the 1.5 kW motor. The bike can reach a max riding range of 180 km/charge and a top speed of 65 km/h. The two electric bikes are offered in three modes of Eco, Normal and Sport, each of which changes riding range by limiting top speed. The bikes can be changed via a 15 amp socket while users can also remove the battery pack from the bike and carry it to either their homes or work place to charge it.

Revolt RV400 is powered by a 3.24 kW battery pack which powers the 3 kW motor to generate 170 Nm torque. This allows for a riding range of 150 km/charge while the bike can reach a top speed of 85 km/h. The battery of the RV400 can be charged from 0 to 75 percent in three hours and upto 100 percent in 4.5 hours.

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