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Revolt Electric Motorcycles July 2021 Batch Sold Out In 10 Minutes

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In June 2021, Revolt had to close bookings in less than 2 hours – While in July 2021, bookings had to close in just 10 minutes

Revolt Electric Motorcycles are in huge demand, claims the company. After opening the bookings earlier today at 12 PM, the company had to close the bookings in just 10 minutes as the entire batch got sold out. RattanIndia’s Revolt Motors has not revealed any numbers. Last month they had said that they got bookings worth Rs 50 crores in 2 hours.

Anjali Rattan, Business Chairman, Rattanindia Enterprises said, “Revolt bikes being sold out within minutes is strong testimony of the product quality of Revolt. With petrol prices reaching upwards of Rs. 100 in the country, it is hard for customers to miss huge savings that Revolt bikes bring.”

FAME Incentives

Thanks to amendments made to the FAME II policy, prices of electric vehicles across India have reduced drastically. Electric scooters and motorcycles have been the biggest beneficiaries and the same can be seen as their demand sees meteoric rise. In addition to the FAME-II incentives, State Govt’s have also stepped in and offered additional benefits for EV buyers.

Revolt says, “With falling battery prices, EV bikes prices are already comparable to their petrol counterparts. In addition various state governments are giving significant incentives to customers buying electric bikes. For example Maharashtra is giving incentives of more than Rs. 25,000 per bike, Gujarat Govt. gives incentives of Rs. 20,000 per bike, Delhi Government gives direct incentive of about Rs. 16,200 per bike for Revolt customers.

Revolt Electric Motorcycles Sold Out In 10 Minutes
Revolt Electric Motorcycles Sold Out In 10 Minutes

Similarly, Meghalaya has incentive of Rs. 32,000 per bike for Revolt and Bihar has also proposed a similar amount as incentive. In addition states of Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Delhi have also waived off the road tax for EV two wheelers.”

Revolt Motorcycles

Both electric motorcycles share the same mechanicals while using the same frame and components of Chinese company Super Soco’s TS motorcycle. The e-bikes look nearly identical with the primary difference between them being the motor and battery capacity. RV300 comes with a 60-volt, 2.7 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack which is paired with a 1.5 kW hub motor. It is offered with three ride modes namely Eco, Normal and Sports.

The top speed attained by RV300 at respective modes are 25 km/h (Eco), 45 km/h (Normal) and 65 km/h (Sports). Their respective single-charge range is pegged at 180 km, 110 km and 80 km. The battery takes 3 hours to charge from 0-75% and 4 hours to juice up fully 100 percent.

RV400, on the other hand, uses a higher voltage and bigger capacity battery pack which is paired to a more powerful motor. A 3kW motor draws its power from a 72-volt 3.24 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack. It offers the same set of ride modes as offered in RV300. This bike can clock a top speed of 45 kmph in Eco mode, 65 kmph in Normal mode and 85 kmph in Sports mode. The single-charge range in respective ride modes stands at 150 km, 100 km and 80 km. The charging time is 3 hours (0-75%) and 4.5 hours (0-100%).

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