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Revolt Launches VOLT Tracking Feature For Electric Motorcycle Buyers

Revolt launching VOLT electric motorcycle tracking system
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Revolt RV300 and RV400 has no direct rival as of now – Will soon compete with the upcoming Ultraviolette F77 and Okinawa Cruiser in India

Electric two-wheeler startup Revolt Motors has decided to expand its footprint in the country by extending its products and services to many new cities in the near future. Revolt currently has two electric bike offerings in India- RV300 and RV400 which are available for sale in different places including Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

One problem for those who decide to buy a Revolt motorcycle, is booking a Revolt electric motorcycle. Due to huge demand, Revolt electric motorcycle bookings are closed for most of the time. The company is trying hard to increase production and streamline deliveries across all cities where they are currently present.

Revolt Launches VOLT

For those who managed to book Revolt motorcycle, they too have been complaining on social media as they are not getting any clear answer from the company or from the dealer regarding the delivery timeline. To sort this issue, Revolt has announced the launch of a new feature called VOLT.

“VOLT – Vehicle OnLine Tracking system is for its customers who have booked Revolt ebikes. The company is working at a feverish pace to expand the production capacities in order to fulfil the robust demand the company is witnessing. In the same direction, in order to give complete visibility of the delivery of bikes to it customers, company has launched VOLT system which enables the customer to track the status of their bike right from booking to production stages till the delivery of their bikes.”

Revolt Motorcycle Delivery - Ahmedabad
Revolt Motorcycle Delivery – Ahmedabad

Price & Subscription Models

Recently, the company has announced a price cut, thanks to the amendments in the FAME-II policy. Prices were slashed to Rs 91k. This resulted in the Revolt generating bookings worth Rs 50 crore in just 2 hours.

In addition to this, price of Revolt was further slashed in Gujarat as the state govt announced further savings in addition to the FAME-II policy. Savings on buying electric motorcycle from Revolt, now stand at up to Rs 68k in Gujarat.

Revolt Motors also offers RV300 and RV400 in monthly subscription options. For RV300, a user has the option to choose from monthly instalments of either Rs 3,174 (36-month plan) or Rs 4,383 (24-month plan). In case of RV400, a user can opt for either Rs 4,399 (36-month plan) or Rs 6,075 (24-month plan). Subscription plans include additional benefits as well.

The range of benefits for RV400 range from 2 years insurance, 5 years third party insurance, 3-year unlimited maintenance and 1 tyre replacement. In case of RV300, it includes 3 perks:- 1-year insurance, 5 years third party insurance and 3-year unlimited maintenance.

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