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Revolt Vs Tork Electric Motorcycle – Specs, Price Compared

New Tork Electric Motorcycle
New Tork Electric Motorcycle

Both Tork Kratos and Revol RV400 come with three ride modes namely Eco, City and Sport

Tork Motors recently launched Kratos which is touted to be the first electric motorcycle to be completely indigenously developed in India. Kratos is based on the pre-production prototype called T6X which made its debut back in 2016. While the electric bike segment in the two-wheelers space in India is still very thin, it holds great promise in the future.

Currently, Kratos has only one significant rival in the form of Revolt RV400 which made its debut in India back in September 2019. Unlike Kratos which has been completely built from scratch indigenously, RV400 has roots with the Chinese EV brand Super Soco.

While Revolt also offers a less powerful version of its battery-powered motorcycle called RV300, Pune-based Tork Motors has a more powerful version of Kratos called Kratos R. However, Kratos and RV400 are matched more closely in terms of pricing and specs. Hence, we have kept rest of the variants out of this comparison study. Let us find out which motorcycle edges past the other, on paper at least.

Revolt Vs Tork Electric Motorcycle – Powertrain Specs

Starting with their powertrain setups, Kratos is easily more powerful than RV400. The former receives a larger 4kW motor in comparison to the 3kW motor offered by Revolt. Kratos also receives a higher peak power output of 7.5kW (10 bhp) as compared to 5kW (6.7 bhp) in RV400. However, RV400 offers more torque on wheels as opposed to Kratos.

Revolt RV400 vs Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle
Revolt RV400 vs Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle

Tork also offers a slightly larger 4kWh battery pack in comparison to the 3.24kWh battery offered by Revolt. This results in a larger 180km range on a single charge in Kratos as opposed to a 150km range offered by RV400, according to the Indian Driving Cycle (IDC). However, the real-world driving range of Kratos is claimed to be 120km on a single charge.

In terms of performance, Tork Kratos trumps RV400 as the former has a top speed of 100kmph, which is 15kmph faster than the latter. Battery pack in both motorcycles takes between four to five hours to get fully charged. The major difference, though, RV400 gets a removable battery pack (which weighs around 19kg) while the Kratos has a fixed battery pack.


When it comes to dynamics, both bikes boast similar underpinnings comprising disc brakes at both ends, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a rear mono-shock. However, RV400 offers more premium upside-down forks instead of conventional telescopic forks offered in Kratos. At 108 kilos, RV400 is also a lot lighter than its nemesis which weighs 140kg. RV400 also offers a whopping 215mm ground clearance in comparison to 165mm offered in Kratos.

Revolt RV400 vs Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle
Revolt RV400 vs Tork Kratos Electric Motorcycle


When it comes to pricing, after taking into consideration Fame II and various state subsidies, RV400 is priced at Rs 90,799 while Kratos is pegged at Rs 1,07,999 (both prices, ex-showroom, Pune). However, these prices will differ from state to state.

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