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RGNT Electric Motorcycles Updated With New Features – 150 Kms Range

RGNT is offering a wide range of customisation options on Scrambler and Classic including colour options along with numerous gear and accessories

RNGT Electric Motorcycle Scrambler
RGNT Electric Motorcycle Scrambler

With a big evolution of electric vehicle (EV) technologies in the last few years, manufacturers are now aiming at the performance end of the segment in the electric mobility space. EVs are known for their strong performance and more such battery-powered vehicles will hit markets in the near future.

In this regard, Swedish electric motorcycle brand RGNT has updated two of its flagship electric motorcycles under its SEL (Sport Extended Limited) family- Scrambler and Classic. The latest set of updates makes both electric bikes faster, richer in tech and more comfortable.

RGNT Scrambler, Classic- Updated Features

While Scrambler and Classic are identical to each other underneath their skin, they are differentiated by their respective styling and ergonomics. Starting with the updated features, both motorcycles now receive a new instrument panel that has been completely redesigned and reprogrammed.

Referred to as the Human Machine Interface, RGNT claims that this new interface offers a better connection between riders and their bikes, thanks to extensive personalization options. The electric bikes also receive a new thumb-operated joystick. This feature is positioned on the handlebar, allowing for easy toggle through various features of the console very convenient.

RNGT Electric Motorcycle Classic
RGNT Electric Motorcycle Classic

RGNT engineering team has also made some crucial changes to its connectivity app that now offers real-time updates on charging status and remaining charge time, battery range and motorcycle bike location on the rider’s smartphone. The console has been enabled to receive regular over-the-air updates. Lastly, a built-in sound generator alerts pedestrians and other road users of the bike’s presence.

RNGT Electric Motorcycle Scrambler
RGNT Electric Motorcycle Scrambler

Powertrain Details & Performance

Coming to performance, both Scrambler and Classic are now designed to offer better performance. Improvements have been made to the drivetrain and electric motor that have resulted in more efficient heat dissipation. It not only increases longevity and reliability of the electric motor but it can also draw more power from the battery. This has resulted in an increase in nominal power output from 8.5kW to 9.5kW.

The previous models came with two ride modes- Power and Range, both self-explanatory. In the latest iteration, both bikes are now offered an additional mode called Boost. In Boost mode, the motorcycle temporarily offers a peak power of +20 kW with a twist of a throttle. Further, the updated bikes now come with a two-wheeler equivalent of One-Pedal Drive.

RNGT Electric Motorcycle Charging
RGNT Electric Motorcycle Charging

This means closing the throttle and twisting it in the opposite direction would activate engine braking. However, engaging this mode frequently would lead to draining of the battery pack. Both bikes claim a range of 150km. Both electric motorcycles are offered a new quick charger that can be used on any standard wall socket. With this new setup on offer, 0-100 percent charging takes about four hours while 20-80 percent takes three hours.


Other significant innovations by RGNT include a keyless start along with an integrated steering lock. To maintain exclusivity only 50 units of these bikes will be made. With all updates on offer, both bikes do not come with a cheap price tag. While Classic is priced at 14,495 Euros (approx. INR 12.0 lakh), Scrambler is priced even higher at 15,495 Euros (approx. INR 14.10 lakh).

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