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Mumbai rickshaw driver manages to fool an actress in an epic way – You could be next!


A rickshaw driver in Mumbai, who seems more of a conman, has managed to pull off an epic stunt.

Television actor, Megha Chakraborty’s social media update will certainly get all who are aware of her experience to take a second look at money returned by any autorickshaw driver.

It appears a 100 rupee note that was given to her isn’t all it tries to pass off as. To begin with, it’s issued, and guaranteed by Children Bank Of India. I kid you not.

Then, it promises to be a coupon in lieu of actual money. The select One hundred Coupon has a special stamp from an yet unidentified RK, but does reveal Children Bank’s logo.

For anyone not up to date, Santa Claus has signed on as governor of India, and promises to play with the 100 rupee coupon.

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While the recipient certainly has been duped, whether or not this is an ongoing scam is yet to be proven, with no other recorded incident. It’s also possible, the autodriver may have passed on the fake having received it from an errant customer. Whatever the supposition, it’s fair to say the designer of this ploy wasn’t really going for accuracy.

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