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Rickshaw Run April 2015: Jaisalmer to Shillong

The journey being nothing short of an adventure, in this case a hot and sweaty one saw participants meet and greet at the Maharajah’s palace at Jaisalmer. The meetup also lets teams get acquainted with their gorgeously painted vehicles, which are nothing shy of unique artwork. Of course, their time here was used to learn how to drive a three-wheeler. Participants underwent driving lessons, and mechanical sessions before embarking on a 3500 km journey.

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Keeping with Rickshaw Run tradition, a cricket game against a local team was played with great spirit under the scorching desert sun. The Rickshaw Run team lost. There will be a football match in Shillong. The event was inaugurated and flagged off by Vikram Singh. The weather enroute soon went from sunny to red skies with a sandstorm kicking in, followed by rain. Five teams went down and needed engine repair work soon after the turn of weather. A number of teams rode through the night to make up time.

Rickshaw Run teams headed to Pokhran, and then Jodhpur. Jaisalmer to Jodhpur took 290 kms off the route. While some had the Bikaner rat temple in mind, Pushkar seemed a popular destination to head to, followed by Ajmer, and Jaipur seemed to fit into the scheme of things for some teams. With breakdowns being a known companions, teams that have reached Pushkar on Day 2 have been in the running for 500 kms.

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