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Ride safely in rains with bluetooth helmet wiper – Attach, detach in 1 second

Called Wipey, this mini electric helmet wiper is a vital safety feature as it enhances the visibility of a rider in the rain. It is a snap on attachment which runs on battery and requires just the touch of a button to get started. Wipey is detachable. It can be snapped on and taken off and fits onto any helmet, be it modular, open-face, dual-sport and full-face type.

Just as is seen on car wipers which have either intermittent or continuous settings, Wipey can also be adjusted according to rider’s demands. A quick press of the button causes Wipey to swipe once and stop.

A long press with every additional press of the button after that changes the wipe intervals. Intervals can be 1, 3 or 6 seconds long. The electric helmet wiper, which takes just a second to attach or detach, is powered by a single rechargeable battery and can work continuously from a minimum of 3 hours to 12 hours.

In terms of size, Wipey is 50 percent smaller in size than an action camera. It can be made to swipe vertically or horizontally and can be fitted onto any helmet by sliding it to tiny plastic linear guides which stay permanently fitted to the helmet. To ensure its proper fitting, the wiper also has a special spring preloaded safety pin.

Designed specifically for bikers who ride in the rain, the device is aerodynamic which means that it does not cause any sort of drag during high speed riding. The wiper has been tested at speeds upto 130 kmph. The Wiper is also Bluetooth enabled control button mounted on the handlebar.

Wipey, the brain-child of a team of Slovenian inventors, is in prototype format and set to enter production with a Kickstarter campaign beginning sometime in May 2019. Price will be revealed closer to launch.

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