Friendship goals – Bajaj Pulsar NS200, Yamaha Ray ride to the second highest lake in the world

Riya Roy, an engineering student from Durgapur, has become the first woman biker in the world to reach Gurudongmar lake on a gearless scooter.

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My name is Shubhendu Singh, I am from Asansol – a small town in West Bengal. I am a businessman by occupation and my hobby is to motorcycle around. Clicking photos is also my hobby. So going on a long ride is what makes me happy. This a story of a couple – who thinks that riding is life. The story of the LONEWOLVES – by Shubhendu Singh and Riya Roy.

Talking about Riya, she is student of Electrical Engineering at a college Durgapur. Her dream is to conquer the world on her scooter. This write-up is about how we managed to go all the way to Gurudongmar, a lake situated in the lap of Himalayas. Riya rides a Yamaha Ray scooter, I ride a Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS.

We have ridden to Leh, Ladakh, and also to Khardung La. But our ride to Gurudongmar lake was the toughest we have ever undertaken. Situated at a height of 17004 ft or 5183 meters, it is one of the highest lakes in the world and has a diameter of 5.38 kms.

Our ride started on 23rd of April 2017, from Durgapur.

Day 1 – Durgapur to Siliguri (475 kms)

We woke up early at 3am to get ready for our first day. Excitement level was high. This was not the first time we were trying to conquer Gurudongmar. We had tried in the past, but had failed due to heavy snowfall in the region. We were hoping for luck to be on our side this time around.

We are fully prepared and planned our trip well, because we cannot afford any more failures on this trip. First day saw us cross the beautiful highways of NH 30. After that, struggle starts. The bad stretch of roads from Raiganj to Dalkhola is the worst in the country. I was sure that the scooter will break after falling into one of the potholes. But instead, it was my Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS which broke after I fell into a 2 feet pothole.

We stopped for sometime to analyze the situation and rest. After making sure that everything is fine on the bike, we started our journey again. After a treacherous few hours, we finally managed to cross Dhalkhola. After that, the ride to Siliguri was fantastic. The road was smooth, the scenery was amazing. We crossed tea gardens, mountains, clouds, etc. It was evening by the time we reached Siliguri. We found ourselves a nice hotel and called it a day. This was one of the longest Riya had ridden on a scooter in a day.

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