Ridekick powertrailer: Enjoy cycling without cycling (Video)

Cycling is not only a fun activity, but also the best way to keep yourseld and the environment around you in the best possible shape. But, sometimes cycling gets tough, especially when you have to carry load or travel up a hill or are just tired. For such times, Ridekick has launched a new powertrailer. This new powertrailer attaches itself to your bicycle or tricycle and provides a push.

The Ridekick power trailer comes features include, topspeed of 19 mph (30 kmph), range of 12 miles (19 ks) on a single recharge, simple to use throttle, Safe and versatile – can be used with or without trailer, Trailer can be attached or detached in a matter of 15 seconds, and Bike is comfortable and safe even with a full load in the trailer.

Ridekick powertrailer is a combination of an electric bike with a bike trailer produced by Ridekick International, a two wheeler manufacturing company based in Colorado. Though coming with a trailer, the bike can be detached and can be used as a normal cycle with simple adjustment. With its reasonable pricing of just $699, Ridekick powertrailer is economical and practical to go around town.

Ridekick International was founded in 2009 by Mark Wanger. It was his endeavor to bring out a bike that can be used for transportation instead of a car, thus making the ride enjoyable and healthy while at the same time eco friendly and less of a traffic hazard on the streets.

Read the press release below for more information.

Auto News Release

New, cutting edge product in the bicycle industry – the Ridekick power trailer

Fort Collins, Colorado – Ridekick International, a Colorado-based company, recently introduced a new product to the bicycle industry – the Ridekick power trailer.

The Ridekick power trailer is the first commercially available electric-powered bicycle trailer. It blends the design of an electric bicycle with a bike trailer, letting a bicyclist ride through town, over hills, and through head winds at speeds up to 19 miles per hour without pedaling. At an affordable price of $699, the Ridekick power trailer easily attaches to most bikes in minutes and can be unhitched in seconds for traditional riding.

Between the boost and the 42-liter lockable storage compartment, commuting and errand running by bike have become more practical. The 500-watt battery-driven motor boosts the biker for 12 to 15 miles on a single charge, allowing the rider to get around town for a few cents per battery charge.

Ridekick International was founded by Mark Wanger in 2009. Wanger became interested in taking the sweat out of his bicycle commute to local sustainability organization meetings in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“The vision of Ridekick is to provide an efficient way for people to enjoy bike riding as a mode of transportation and leave the car in the garage. Fifty percent of our trips by car are less than four miles from our home bases, and bicycling is the fun and healthy alternative to driving,” said Wanger.

The Ridekick power trailer is designed and manufactured in northern Colorado, and is sold through independent bicycle dealers throughout the United States. Online purchasing, through the company’s website ridekick.com, is also available to customers not served by independent dealers.

Ridekick International, awarded the distinction of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies, is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, a gold-ranked bicycle friendly community, and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative, dedicated to helping new, clean- energy companies become great businesses. Ridekick is also a member of Bikes Belong, which is sponsored by the U.S. bicycle industry and has the goal of putting more people on bicycles more often, and was awarded silver-level partnership in Climate Wise, a voluntary, energy awareness and reduction program run by the City of Fort Collins.

For more information and to read independent reviews, please visit Ridekick’s website at www.ridekick.com.

For other inquiries, please contact Chelsey Walker, Marketing Specialist, at info@ridekick.com or 877-974-4440.


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