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Riding to Ladakh? Here are 7 must have bike accessories

Biking across the length and breadth of the country isn’t limited to having a capable bike alone. Day trips have transcended into much more, and bikers will gladly be on the road for days at an end. With riding transformed into an experiential trip that memories are made of, n destination is too far or difficult. Whether it’s easy roads, destination trips, or valleys and mountains, bikers are now ready to travel the extra mile. While bike build quality is a major consideration to complete trips that may be planned or spontaneous, alongwith it the need for must have bike accessories has grown. While it all looks attractive, one always needs to travel light and prioritise, and carry along what is absolutely needed. Accessory requirements tend to vary depending on where and when you’re getting on the road.

For many a rider, whether amateur or professional, a trip through Ladakh is one they’d like to do at least once in their lifetime. It’s no surprise then, that many riders repeat the trip year after year to discover new roads. While the number of bikers to Ladakh has increased manifold in recent years, the trip is no less arduous, and requires riders to be road ready at all times. Preparing for a ride isn’t easy, and forgetting even a single item can hamper the quality of your ride. It makes sense to tick off a check list at preparation stage lest you’re left wanting. This is also essential so you can be sure of fittings because ill fitting accessories are as much a hindrance as not having what you require. But, at the same time you should also keep an eye on the expense. Buying accessories does not mean that you have to buy everything available. This is where Cashkaro.com comes to rescue. Not only they have shortlisted the important accessories required for the trip, but also have exciting cashback and coupons for you to make the most of your hard earned money. Above all else is the need to have comfortable and protective full body gear, which is also on offer at Cashkaro.


Safety begins with a protective jacket that’s easy to wear, and feels right. Since riders will be on the road for extended hours over a period of days, the jacket should be breathable so it doesn’t start getting to smelly. An inner durable stretchable lycra/mesh net fabric helps with that, and since it’s detachable, it can be aired at the end of each day. Velcro adjustment at eh waist can help attain a snug fit. Necessary protective inserts around elbows and shoulder blades are essential. An easy zipper upfront, and adjustable straps for arms and shoulders helps.


Riding through Ladakh in the peak of summer doesn’t quite mean the same as riding elsewhere in India in June. The weather is unpredictable with regular showers, and most importantly it’s cold. Mind numbingly cold, so, if you’re without gloves, you’re not going to be able to ride after a while. This means gloves are an absolute must. Alongwith flexible and breathable gloves that allow you to handle your bike with ease, one may choose inner sleeves, so your hands say truly warm, and fit the gloves closely.


Knee Guard

Knee guards are an absolute necessity on long rides. First and foremost they protect your knees from scraping or dislocating in case of a fall, and also let you plan your fall in case of a sliding or slipping episode. Secondarily, they also offer much needed support to your knees which are in bended position for long periods of time.

Helmet with Face Cover

While wearing a helmet is compulsory, what many people ignore is it’s maintenance. It’s absolutely essential to wear a face cover, akin to a balaclava inside one’s helmet. This prevents sweat from collecting and drying in the foam in your helmet. A face cover is easy to air out at the end of a riding day, and easy to clean too. At any time when riding, if one wants to stand and soak in the moment you needn’t take your helmet off but can simply slide up the visor, and you’d still be protected against the cold owing to the face cover. Since the face cover covers the neck, it’s ideal to tuck into your innerwear, and then suit up in a riding jacket. This ensures your neck and ears are warm against the harsh cold and wind.

Tank Pad

Keeping in mind that you will use your bike for long hours and tend to lean in on a straight run or lean sideways when manoeuvring turns, chances are continuous contact between your jacket and tank will result in scratches on the tank. A tank pad protects tank paint and keeps scratches at bay.

Magnetic Tank Bag or Saddle Bag

There are essential small items that you would need to carry on you when riding. Most importantly, they need to be accessible as and when you require an item. It’s not quite pleasant to stand there in the cold, and start rummaging through your luggage to find something essential. This results in unnecessary wastage of time and is tiring too. Having a small handy bag mounted on the tank or on the side rear ensures you find what you need, when you need it.

Mounted Mobile Phone Holder / Charger

In the digital age, while getting a call through in Ladakh may not always be possible in certain stretches, stopping for photographs is something many do. It’s picturesque, and every turn and mountain beckons. While portable chargers are a solution, you’re going to need to charge them to before the start of each day and that may not always be possible in instances of low voltage, shared accommodation, and tents. A mounted mobile phone holder charger will let your charge your phone on the go without being disruptive, and helps keep worry at bay. You’ll never hesitate from capturing a moment or listening to your favourite song when the perfect location comes by.

A must have bike accessory list tends to vary depending on personal preferences, especially when it’s related to gadgets that can be mounted onto your bike. While a range of items available are customisable, the most beneficial aspect is they’re also interchangeable. Since nothing is fixed on permanently, they can be detached and attached onto a bike of your choice if need be. Adjustable straps ensure a good fit irrespective of the bike make.


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