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Extreme right lane is for ambulances, fire tenders, and police vehicles to pass through

Not giving way to emergency vehicles can invite heavy penalty, or jail or both. It is our collective responsibility to ensure emergency vehicles, like ambulances, fire tenders, police vehicles, etc., reach their destination in quick time for enhanced safety and security of general public. Every citizen must ensure free passage to emergency vehicles.

An Appeal for Green Corridor

On 3rd January 2015, a 16-year-old boy got a new lease of life as Delhi and Gurgaon Police came together to create a ‘Green Corridor’ to help transfer a heart over a distance of 32 kms in 29 minutes. Delhi traffic police provided pilot and ensured signal free passage to the ambulance. The police acknowledge cooperation of other road users who provided smooth and clear passage to the ambulance.

For uninterrupted movement of emergency vehicles on Delhi roads, Transport Department GNCT of Delhi has issued a notification under section 115 Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 vide. It is now mandatory that the extreme right lane on roads with 3 or more lanes will be used by emergency vehicles. All other vehicles must vacate the extreme right lane by moving left whenever indicated by siren and flashing of lights which have overriding right of way over other motor vehicles.

Violation of section 115 M.V. Act, 1988 is punishable under section 194 (1) M.V. Act, 1988 and attracts a fine of Rs. 2000. Delhi Traffic Police asks citizens to provide free passage to emergency vehicles in interest of safety and security. Hospitals in Delhi are requested to report non-compliance of right of passage to ambulances transporting critical patients or organs for transplant.

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