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Juventus champions right shoes with Goodyear tyres

The right shoes with Goodyear campaign sees Pirlo, Evra, Morata and Pereyra attempt ordinary football moves in carpet slippers, flippers and clogs. It goes without saying, their performance isn’t quite upto the mark.

Right shoes with Goodyear campaign still

Andrea Pirlo struggles to pack in a punch without the right shoes with Goodyear, throwing light on the need for right shoes being critical for a car’s road performance. The video features Juventus football stars Pirlo, Evra, Morata, and Pereyra who highlight the importance of selecting right tyres. the short message is relayed in et backdrop of ‘I feel so alone, she’s so far gone’.

It matters not who is playing the game. The absence of right shoes with Goodyear will not get desired results. P K Walia, VP of Consumer tyres for Goodyear India says athletes depend on their shoes for grip and performance. The right fit of tyre is similarly important for vehicle handling and performance. Choosing a tyre is not so different from choosing a shoe since the only part of a vehicle that touches the road are its tyres.

Akin to selecting right footwear for varied activities, be it running, trekking, a night out, or for the football field, people should consider what the right tyres are for their vehicle and driving requirements are to ensure a smoother, more comfortable and a safer experience he added.

Goodyear tyres deliver varied performance advantages for drivers with increased safety through shorter braking distances, improved fuel efficiency through Fuel Saving Technology, and enhanced all-terrain capability with specifically designed SUV tyres.

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