Ring O Star sales tussle goes Mercedes-Benz India way

Calender year 2014 and 2014-15 fiscal sales in the luxury auto market places Audi India atop, undisputed, and still leading. But it’s a bittersweet symphony. Despite maintaining a lead, it is in fact Mercedes-Benz India that rules the roost. For Q1 2015, Audi sold 3181 cars (PY 2740 units. Mercedes-Benz India outsold Audi by reporting 3566 retail units (PY 2554 units). Not only is last years defeat a matter of the past, but Mercedes-Benz India in it’s continual effort to reclaim top spot has after years posted an actual win to lead the number game with 385 cars in its favour going into Q2 2015. Last year this time, Mercedes-Benz India was trailing by 186 cars going into Q2 2014.

Mercedes-Benz India Audi
Photo Caption: Luxury auto market top contenders for Q1 2015: Mercedes-Benz India and Audi

When 2014 ended, Mercedes-Benz India reported 10201 cars sold. Audi stompled the 10k sales achievement by posting year end sales at 10851 units. Mercedes-Benz bore the weight of 650 cars in deficit and whisked into 2015 with a plan. The luxury car manufacturer is introducing 15 cars in 2015, and brought in 5 offerings in Q1 2015.

The 650 car deficit still proved too much by FY2014-15 end. For the fiscal, Audi India triumphs with 11292 luxury cars sold. Mercedes-Benz trailed closely behind with 11213 units sold, bringing the difference down to only 79 units.

Joe King, Head, Audi India is happy to retain leadership position in the luxury car market on the back of a single major launch (Audi A3) in the last fiscal. Audi looks forward to an exciting 2015 with 10 new model launches. Audi TT and new Audi Q3 launch is near.