1.41 lakh people died due to road accidents in India in 2014

Five Indian states – UP, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan accounted for over 40% of road accidents in India in 2014. Out of these states, UP topped the list with 16,284 deaths while Tamil Nadu also accounted for over 15,000 lives lost.

road accidents in India
The major reasons for accidental deaths in India were, not obeying rules, driving under the influence of alcohol, fatigue, and overspeeding.

Taking leading cities in the country into account, Ludhiana is third on the list with increasing number of road accidents. Allahabad saw a percentage rise of 226 percent in road accidents while Delhi registered 2,199 fatalities in the past year. In Chennai, road accidents claimed 1,046 deaths followed by Bhopal and Jaipur wherein 1,015 and 844 lives were lost in road accidents.

Data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) state that dangerous driving and speeding were the main causes of road accidents with two wheelers and trucks/lorries accounting for more than half of deaths on Indian roads.

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Increased Road accidents India 2014 were due to several reasons which included non-existent lane markings, signboards and pedestrian crossing while traffic violations, bad roads and low traffic management were also leading causes of accidents. Over speeding caused around 1.7 lakh crashes causing over 49,000 deaths while careless and overtaking claimed a further 42,000 fatalities among total crashes in 2014.

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Commercial vehicles were involved in more accidents as compared to passenger vehicles.

One in six road crashes were reported in residential areas both in rural and urban zones with 5.3 percent crashes near schools, colleges and educational institutes. Reckless driving, driving under the influence of liquor, and bad weather were some of the leading causes for increased number of fatalities on the road in 2014.

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