Honda City and bus get trapped after a road in Chennai caves in

The main thoroughfare collapsed at Church Park Street at Anna Salai in Chennai on Sunday at 1.30 pm.

35 persons managed to escape from the sinking bus while the driver of a Honda City car suffered minor injuries as Anna Salai road caved in forming a a giant crater. Those injured were taken to the Royapettah Government Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred at around 1.30 pm on Sunday afternoon and appears to be the impact of metro rail work being conducted on this stretch of road. Giant cranes arrived in 90 minutes and pulled out the trapped vehicles while traffic along that stretch had to be diverted.

The crater formed slowly and B Gunaseelan, a bus driver with the Chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporation, noted the bus sinking and thought it was a flat tyre. He immediately noted the difference in road level and alerted the conductor who looked out of the window only to note a sinking road.

He instructed all passengers to embark which is why they were able to escape unharmed. R Pradeep, a physician who was following the bus in his Honda City drove straight into the crater. He too noted the sinking road and tried to drive past but was trapped inside with doors of his car jammed. He was removed from his car by onlookers and suffered no injuries.

Even as Tamil Nadu Finance Minister D Jayakumar put the onus of this calamity on an underground metro line he stated that the road will be fixed and traffic restored immediately. Metro construction authorities claim that the soil appeared to have loosened due to underground drilling work being carried out.