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Road construction contractors made accountable by Bulandshahr DM

B Chandrakala isn’t one to sit in office and sign papers but does a good job of visiting ares she’s in charge of to get a real idea of what’s really going on. In a recent visit, she comes down on almost all of the civic officials and contractors present on site for the shoddy road construction job they’ve embarked upon.

Bulandshahr DM B.Chandrakala

The public dressing down leaves those in charge at a loss of word. She’s keen on making those responsible accountable for the shortcuts being taken, and is clearly disappointing in the quality of bricks to be used to pave a sidewalk pointing out that the job was to be done with new quality bricks unlike the ones that were supplied.

She was recently transferred from Mathura. The sidewalk construction issue plagues many Indian cities. Most times, bricks will lay on the side of the street for days at an end making roads unusable. At other times, the construction begins to fall apart in quicktime to the extent that pedestrians would rather walk on the road than pavement because uneven surfaces can lead to injurious falls owing to poor quality work and use of poor quality building material.

She was visibly upset and shamed those involved for wasting government funds. She also takes an offending contractor to task because he hasn’t begun work on most of the 17 contracts undertaken by him. The civic body commissioner present on site is made to take note of the fact that road construction undertaken isn’t as was specified n the contract. B Chandrakala immediately makes enquiries as to where the raw material has been sourced from. She’s seen discussing a police complaint against offender, while she orders another person present to begin work in 2 days using new bricks or he stands blacklisted.

B Chandrakala is an IAS officer of 2008 batch of UP Cadre having secured 409th rank in the Civil Services exams announced by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in 2008. Her previous postings include CDO Allahabad and DM Hamirpur in 2012. She was made the Mathura DM on 8 June 2014, and was moved to Bulandshahar as DM in 129 days.

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