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Road laws in India: Making out in your car is indecent behavior in public

While India may be the land of the kamasutra, acceptance of public display of affection is limited to watching sculptures at Khajuraho. Anything you do in public will ruffle quite a few feathers. So, while many may want to steal a few romantic moments in a little car, let’s say a Volkswagen Beetle, the mantra remains, don’t get caught.

Hollywood films needn’t be your inspiration, but locking lips and making an exhibit of it through the car sun roof will bring the moral police in. That’s what happened to a young couple in Ahmedabad, who chose an open Volkswagen to celebrate the girl’s birthday, and share a few kisses. Since a friend of the couple drove the car, with his girlfriend at the front seat, it is impossible to understand how their show of love could prove dangerous for them and other vehicles on the road, unless everyone chose to fix their glance on the young couple.

Police inspector, JM Bharwad of Satellite police station, who saw them, chose to give chase. The car driver, and the couple spent their night in the lock-up and have been slapped with charges of ‘indecent public behavior’ and ‘obscenity’.

In the words of the police officer, “We then chased the car from Satellite police station to Star Bazaar as the driver sped up seeing a police vehicle behind. When we forced the speeding car to a halt we found two boys and two girls of around 19 years of age. While the boy from the couple that locked lips studies medicine at BJ Medical College, the girl is a physiotherapy student at Civil Hospital. The youth driving the car is an engineering student who was accompanied by his girlfriend. Their act in a running car could have proved to be dangerous both for them and other vehicles on the road.”

The police seized chocolate bars from the car, and one would think that’s a good thing considering chocolates are not inappropriate substances of abuse. The new VW vehicle belonged to the young man’s father and had been borrowed for the joy ride. The youngsters will be produced at a local court on Tuesday.

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