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Shocking road rage incident caught on video – Rickshaw driver killed by biker

A question of ego, an argument over a petty issue, another example of road rage, a brutal attack or a simple act of self defense, call it what you will, but one man was killed and the other faces prison time.

This shocking incident occurred on 25th March 2017 in Sardarshah town in Churu district of Rajasthan. Mushtaq, an autorickshaw driver accidentally brushed against the bike of milkman Hiralal. An argument ensued, angry words were exchanged and Mushtaq threatened to stab Hiralal with a knife.

Angry and outraged, Hiralal proceeded to pick up a brick which was fallen on the road side and threw it at Mushtaq’s head. The impact was so great that Mushtaq fell down and died on the spot.

Bystanders proceeded to take Mushtaq to the nearby hospital, in his own rickshaw, where he was declared ‘dead on arrival’. This freak incident was captured on camera where it is clearly evident that it was a simple case of road rage that got out of hand.

The impact of the rickshaw with the motorcycle caused no damage to either vehicles, but yet the two drivers got into a serious argument. It was clearly a clash of egos to begin with while it proceeded to a blatant threat by Mushtak which was instantly followed by a case of self defense by Hiralal.

Even as Mushtaq died on the spot following impact of the heavy brick being thrown at his head, Hiralal has surrendered himself to the police and has been arrested under murder charges. Watch the video below.


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