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Road Rage now a criminal offence: Think before you pull up your sleeves

Causing mayhem on the road, street tantrums and random parking will soon be a thing of the past if the new law comes into effect and things go as planned.

Road rage is so usual that most of us don’t even react. It is also causes huge traffic jams.

Traffic cops plan on keeping road rage under control with the offender being marched off to the police station, booked for causing disturbance and with steep fines being levied on them to ensure that such behaviour is not repeated in the future.

Incidents of road rage are on the rise and causing much disturbance on the road while putting life and limb at risk. The new laws will come as a blessing to sensible travellers and drivers who find themselves confronted by aggressive law breakers for no fault of theirs.

This was evident at the busy intersection at the KR Puran junction when a brawl broke out between car passengers and a biker. The police at the traffic management center were quick to respond after the fracas was flashed on their screens. The drivers were picked up, marched off to the nearest police station to be charged and produced in court.

Road rage is not restricted only to civilians. A traffic cop in Delhi throwing a brick at a women recently- #RoadRage

This will set an example to others causing such high drama in the middle of crowded roads and during peak traffic hours, holding up traffic and showing their muscle power as the long arm of the law will soon swoop in to set things right.

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