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Road safety and chaos during Indian monsoons

Heavy downpours, lashing rain and a haphazard drainage system lead to pandemonium on the streets during the monsoons. Serpentine traffic jams, flaring tempers and water logging on the streets is further compounded by dismal road conditions which get worse with every passing monsoon. During monsoons visibility is at its lowest and to have to face bumps and craters on the road adds to difficulties and leads to a large number of road accidents. A road with heavy traffic congestion and commuters stranded for long hours is a common sight. The entire infrastructure is to blame for this sort of crisis.

Concerned parties do not ensure quality of road construction. Slip shod and haphazard work is done prior to onset of rains, drains are not cleaned in time, manholes are left open and clogged, poor lighting and slippery road conditions further aggravates the problem. Various governments need to take adequate steps to help citizens travel in safety and a certain amount of comfort during the monsoon season. If the following steps are followed, traffic should more smoothly while accidents can be avoided to a great extent.

Prior to monsoons, road resurfacing work should be carried out in a responsible and time bound manner. Low lying areas should be filled up and resurfaced to avoid flooding, and drains and manholes should be cleared and aligned perfectly to the road. Traffic lights should be checked to ensure they are in perfect working condition

During monsoon months, there should be deployment of additional police force in accident prone areas. Signposts should be put up indicating low lying areas and suggestions of alternative routes. Traffic personnel should ensure that speed limits are maintained, and vehicles should be serviced and maintained so that there are no breakdowns causing further traffic jams. If followed, a smooth flowing traffic system will definitely be seen in the future.


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