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Road safety awareness via Cinema and Art in India


Indian roads are unsafe, and this is reflected by the numbers which state that 13 people die every hour while using these roads for commuting. Improper traffic management, failure to follow traffic rules and negligible presence of traffic police at junctions are causes for majority of these mishaps.

PVR Network for Enablement & Social Transformation will be using Cinema and Art to bring to the forefront measures which need to be taken to improve road safety in India. ITP states that, through this program children from 100 schools will be educated on various road safety issues through mediums like art and film making.

This initiative will span over 8 months and will aim to sensitize about 1,00,000 children from 100 schools in Delhi on the necessary steps to be taken to prevent accidents and the impact these accidents have on lives of families who loose their loved ones. The program will hope to use networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to help promote their message for responsible driving in India.


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Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

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