FIA President Jean Todt keen on Road Safety in India

Gautam Singania, WIAA Executive Chairman NItin Dossa, and President Edil Katrak were present too at the WIAA press con. FIA has been helping many countries in regards to road safety. FIA works closely with UN, World Bank, and Bloomberg in India. Todt acknowledged work undertaken by WIAA, and also appreciated the organisation’s MOU with MSRTC to train 40,000 drivers.

Jean Todt India Road Safety
Jean Todt speaks about Road Safety in India

FIA is willing to help iRAP to design roads to help reduce road accidents. Jean Todt is keen to work in close association with the state, and will meet concerned officials. He will discuss driver discipline. On behalf of WIAA, Executive Chairman, Nitin Dossa says WIAA’s prime focus is creating awareness in society about road safety’, and appropriate initiatives are being taken.

Michael Bloomberg Road Safety India
Michael Bloomberg speaks on Road Safety in India

Billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg was in India in February 2015. Bloomberg Philanthropies is dedicated to charity and on the road safety font, Mumbai and India are among ten cities and five countries receiving $125 million over five years. The measure looks to strengthen, support and review safety in India. Assistance from related organisations will be at hand. Training will be offered to police officers and chosen city staff.