Road safety programmes in India by Global Road Technology

Global road technology IndiaPartnering with Uttar Pradesh (most populous Indian state with 220 million people) government, GRT implements ‘Road Safety Initiative’ measures to arrest growing traffic death toll. GRT Indian operations are committed to reduce road deaths as part of its work here. GRT Director Ben Skinner views Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilash Yadav as a key partner in programme implementation developed to suit cultural and environmental conditions in remote and developing communities in the area, to be implemented in 178,000 schools to educate children about road safety.

Road Safety Initiative focuses on 3 outcomes for developing, rural and remote communities: Survive the walk, survive the ride and survive the drive through adequate material and educational support. At a recent World Bank conference, GRT Road Safety Initiative experience was shared with Indian and global authorities.

GRT and Uttar Pradesh State Government will provide materials including bike helmets, baby and child booster seats, and visibility backpacks. GRT Road Safety Initiative addresses rise in road traffic injuries. World Health Organisation (WHO) projects numbers will rise to become the 5th leading cause of death globally by 2030 with inadequate transportation infrastructure (roda) roads being a contributor.

Funded by GRT and global partner contributions, funds are invested where they are collected, for measurable local improvements for those making them. Newer and safer cost efficient roads are delivered quickly compared to conventional infrastructure options for affordable and reliable alternatives in remote and rural communities for an effective solution, especially in middle-income and developing nations says GRT Chief Financial Officer, Herman Allison. GRT’s ability to construct roads faster is as effective as a kilometre plus of road in 24 hours. Material developed are adaptable to any climate while withstanding harsh conditions, with minimal impact on the environment.