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A decade has taken 12 lakh lives in road crashes in India, we need Road Transport & Safety Bill 2014

‘Road Transport & Safety Bill 2014: Public Satisfaction Survey’ released today by Former Union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai in the presence of families affected by road accidents, the poll conducted by Kadence Research covered 12 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Varanasi, Nagpur, Rohtak, Chengalpattu, Burdwan, Palghar and Mandya). 38% respondents belong to rural touch-points.

Jyoti Gupta(centre), Piyush Tiwari , Founder SaveLIFE Foundation(Right) at PM Office, Raisina Road

81 % of all respondents strongly favor the proposed road safety Bill. 90% think the Bill’s passing would be an important accomplishment for the Indian Parliament.

Over 12 lakh people have been killed in road crashes in India in the last decade. That’s about 380 deaths a day. 3 of 5 drivers, pedestrians or passengers feel unsafe when traveling on Indian roads. 98% of respondents favour several specific provisions in the Bill. A mandate for all drivers to be trained before getting a license, protection for children when commuting (97% of respondents), increased electronic enforcement, heavy penalties for non compliance of traffic laws (91% of respondents), and compulsion for two wheeler riders to wear helmets are provisions being favoured. 96% of respondents say they favor reforming Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) for easier, more efficient and corruption-free protocols to obtain a driver’s license.

G.K. Pillai, Trustee of SaveLIFE Foundation says India’s sole road safety law (Motor Vehicles Act, 1988) is unable to keep pace with exponential growth of motor vehicles these last 20 years, and increased road fatalities. The time is right for India to adapt a comprehensive, inclusive road safety law that protects vulnerable road users and provides a structured approach to Road Safety.

Dr. Kelly Henning, Director of Public Health programs at Bloomberg Philanthropies says India’s Road Safety Bill includes important measures proven to reduce traffic deaths and injuries, which is critical for India as number of cars on the road grows rapidly. Jyoti Gupta who had started an online petition to Prime Minister Modi to introduce a strong Road Safety law was in attendance, and alongwith other families and Piyush Tiwari,Founder SaveLIFE Foundation met the Prime Minister’s Office and delivered her petition signed by over 2,13,000+ people. Jyoti Gupta lost her husband and 3 year old daughter this year to a tragic road accident that could have been avoided had there been an experienced bus driver following traffic rules behind the wheel.

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