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Hit by tempo, man bleeds to death as no one helps, not even police – Video

Another classic case of apathy and lack of concern that has hit our generation when it comes to helping accident victims on the roads. The disturbing incident has been caught on video and has left one man dead at Delhi’s Subhash Nagar.

36-year-old Matibool, an e-rickshaw driver was hit by a tempo early morning, and left to die unattended on the road even as 140 cars, 82 three wheelers, 181 bikers, 45 pedestrians and a police PCR van passed by.

CCTV footage reveals sequence of events. The accident occurred at 5.40 am on Wednesday when Matibool was hit by a tempo. He was thrown into the air and crashed into a garbage dump on the side of the road. He lay prone there even as tempo driver emerged, surveyed the situation, checked his own vehicle for dents and damage and drove off.

Passing vehicles completely ignored the man even as his body was covered in blood. To make matters worse, a rickshaw puller approached the victim but instead of helping in removing him to hospital, picked up his mobile phone and pocketed it leaving the man to die.

29 minutes later, a friend spotted the man and rushed to get help while another PCR van arrived at 6.52 am to take the victim to hospital just half a kilometer away from the accident site. However, it was too late and Matibool was declared dead on arrival.

On the basis of CCTV footage, the police have detailed the milk delivery man whose tempo hit the victim. He is being questioned while cops are on the lookout for the man who stole the mobile phone. Matibool worked as a watchman at night and has two sons and two daughters. He used the same route home each day and stopped for a cup of tea as was revealed by one shop owner who recognized him.

More than thousand people saw Matibool bleeding on the road, but no one came forward to hlep. This is not the first time something like this has come to light in Delhi. Hardly a few years ago, a girl who we now know as Nirbhaya, was lying on the side of the road and no one helped. She too died.

Why are we not helping our fellow citizens? Where is such behaviour going to take us in the future? It is an appeal to our readers. If ever you come across accident victims, please stop whatever you are doing and make sure they are given medical attention at the earliest. It is not a request. It is our duty.

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