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Watch daredevil Robbie Maddison surf with his KTM dirt bike – Videos

Robbie Maddison bike surfing stunt (8)

The bike is modified extensively for the stunt.

The term “riding the waves” is no more just an idiom as stunt rider and free style champion Robbie Maddison took it quite literally. The Australian daredevil surfed the ocean with his modified KTM 450 dirt bike and you can see the awesomeness in these spectacular videos.

Robbie Maddison bike surfing stunt (8)

This incredible stunt is nothing short of pure awesomeness.

Maddison grew up surfing his whole life and says he would have become a professional surfer had the motoring bug spared him. So he decided to combine two of his passions and approached DC Shoes for sponsorship. Since the idea sounded incredibility outrageous, DC apparently didn’t give it a second thought before signing the cheque.

During previous attempts, the rider sank the motorcycle several times and as you know, it’s always bad to mention engine and salt water in a single sentence. So, for this stunt, Maddison used a heavily modified motorcycle whose 4-stroke 450 cc engine was switched to a 2-stroke motor for the ease of serviceability on spot.

Robbie Maddison bike surfing stunt (14)

The bike is equipped with custom skiis and padded rear wheel for the stunt.

The bike has custom skiis with skegs on the lower side (to aid in steerability) fastened to the front wheel, and a paddle tyre at the rear with scoops built into the thread to enable propulsion. Despite the modifications, the stunt was incredibly difficult and Maddison almost drowned himself when he took a tumble and the bike landed on his back.

Not the kind who gets easily discouraged, the champion eventually managed to get a rhythm to do what was never done before. Kudos!

Robbie Maddison bike surfing stunt – Videos



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