Roger Federer and Hewitt play on speedboat court

Federer and Hewitt are both headed to Australian Open 2015 beginning on January 19 in Melbourne. The short video released this week feature Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer playing tennis in speedboats in Sydney Harbour. Viewers of course won’t be taking their eyes of both players’ tennis skills as both speedboats maintain pace at Australia’s Sydney Harbor. Federer even tried sending a ball upto the bridge.

Roger Federer speedboat
Tennis game on speedboats

The event was to promote Fast4 tennis matches that will be televised. After their volleys on water braving the wind and water, and a few outburst of laughter, both players raced to land to continue their exhibition match at the Sydney Opera House in launching Fast4 tennis in Sydney.

Over the weekend, Roger Federer went on to become the 3rd man in ATP history to win a 1000 matches. He did so by winning the Brisbane International title by winning his game against Milos Raonic in a three-setter. Federer has 17 Grand Slam wins to his name, 7 of these at Wimbledon.