Roger Federer, the two sets of twins, Vuddi and Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V Class TV and online campaign stars Roger Federer, his two sets of twins, and Vuddi. The campaign airs in Switzerland this month, and in Germany next month.`

Nicolai Berger, Head of Marketing Communication and Product Information Mercedes-Benz Vans expressed delight at Roger Federer starring in the new V Class campaign.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class is offered as a family car with ample space, high safety standards and stylish design. Directed by Kay Kienzler and produced by Film Deluxe, the spot shows Federer’s family on the road in a V-Class. Vuddi is introduced as the winning prize that Fedex bags while playing can knockdown at a funfair. Over time, Vuddi becomes an integral part of the family, and is given a designated seat in the V-Class MPV. A portmanteau word, Vuddi is made up from V-Class and buddy.

Hamburg-based creative agency Lukas Lindeman Rosinski (LLR), lead agency both on the international budget of Mercedes-Benz Vans and for the German market developed the new V-Class campaign.