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Rok Bagoros paints a message for fans with KTM Duke burnout

Stunt rider Rok Bagoros, has a message for his fans. He wants to thank all his 100,000 fans on Facebook. So how does he do it? Well watch the video above and see Rok what he does best.

Speaking about the video above, he says, “In my life I set many goals. To reach the 100.000 followers on my facebook profile was one of them.

Perhaps 5 years ago I never dared to even think that my fan base will ever reach this important FB bench mark, but men I was wrong! This number really grow fast in the last 3 years and before I even realized I reached the 100K mark. But for me this is not only a number, it is a reflection of my hard work when I’m off the bike, and fans show the appreciation for that. For that occasion I knew, I need to do something special for my fans. So I came up with the idea to show to the world that I’m also a bit of an artist with my KTM Duke and draw a painting.

But like always, I didn’t settle with regularity, so my paint was in fact the rubber from my rear ‘super sticky’ Mitas tire. After a short burnout session I made my art … I painted a rubber picture with my name and the number 100.000 on it.

But the waist of fresh tire would make no sense if I couldn’t do something special with that artwork. So I decided that The RokON! 100K fans rubber picture, will be sold tomorrow on ebay! The earnings will be donated to the WINGS FOR LIFE foundation. So this is in fact the burnout for a good cause! Thanks for all your support and for following my work – RokON!

P.S. If you don’t follow my facebook yet, here you go: www.facebook.com/Bagoros.Rok “

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