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Rolls Royce celebrates 10 years with BMW

Rolls Royce Motor Cars is celebrating 10 years with BMW. The German car brand, officially became the owner of Rolls Royce on 1st of January 2003. Back in 1998, when Rolls Royce was up for sale, BMW and Volkswagen both showed interest. VW was favored cause it offered to pay £430 million against BMW’s £340 million.

But, BMW was the engine supplier to Rolls Royce cars and they could withdraw the supply of engines at a notice of just 12 months, clearly not sufficient for VW to re-engineer new engines for Rolls Royce Cars. Apart from this, Rolls Royce plc, the aeroplane engine maker, who held the rights to Rolls Royce name, decided to go with BMW as they had joint business ventures.

Another hurdle was the fact that VW owned the rights to Rolls Royce ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ and the shape of radiator grille. But this was settled with a £40 million deal between BMW and VW. The solution finally saw VW to sell RR cars from 1998 to 2002 with BMW engines, after which, BMW took over RR on 1st Jan 2013.

Since its inception, the production of cars at the Goodwood facility has gradually been increased to cater to needs of customers. At the time BMW tookover RR, they were building 1 RR car per day, today they make 20 RR’s a day. The line of cars from this manufacturer spans over two families namely the Phantom and Ghost and includes six models.

Rolls Royce cars provide one with superior quality and ambient interiors that make them feel at home. These unique transportation options are hand built by a team of craftsmen and women according to customer specification. Apart from its initial Phantom series the company also launched its Series II which was received with much aplomb by customers all over.

To help cater to the increase in demand of these unique vehicles, Rolls Royce has increased the strength of its workforce from 400 to 1400 at its Goodwood based plant. Most of its employees hail from the same geographic location which helps to improve economic statistics in the region considerably. Its workforce boasts of highly trained individuals and future talent which makes it possible for the company to turn out unique and mesmerizing vehicles every single time. For more information, scroll down.


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