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Is production spec Rolls Royce crossover really gonna look like this?

Rolls Royce crossover prototype unveiled 2 engineering test mule

Will you believe if we say this is the Rolls Royce crossover prototype?

Don’t take our word for it, but you might have to take Rolls Royce’s.

Rolls Royce crossover prototype unveiled 2 engineering test mule

This looks nothing but a chopped version of Rolls Royce Phantom Series II.

Unveiled all of a sudden, the perplexing car in the picture is said by the very company to be an early engineering prototype of upcoming Rolls Royce crossover set to take on the Bentley Bentayga, and we never said the latter is convincing to play the role of an SUV.

The R&D team has actually shortened the body of Phantom Series II with an added rear spoiler, over the underpinnings of the crossover under development. This will certainly not be the production design of Rolls Royce crossover, but the Goodwood based firm has said the SUV will be of similar size to this prototype.

Rolls Royce crossover prototype unveiled 3 spoiler rear wing

The high-sided, all-terrain Rolls that was announced in February 2015, will begin off-campus testing later this week. The company is now focussing on getting the all-new suspension right, to promise a “magic-carpet” ride both on- and off-road.

This will involve multi-terrain testing, to tune the vehicle’s behavior, stability and suspension throw, for which this test mule will be scrutinised on Belgian Pavé, cobblestones and corrugated concrete surfaces.


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