Rolls Royce look alike for sale in Dubai at just $15,800 (Photos)

One look at the car in the image above, and your brain starts ringing Rolls Royce. But hold on, the car here is nowhere close to RR. It is in fact a modified Nissan Patrol SUV. The modifier has done a commendable job, not only exterior details have been matched, but interiors too has been done quite well.

The modified Nissan Patrol here is seen with a number of details borrowed from the Rolls Royce. A Rolls Royce grille and Land Rover tail lamps are noticed in this Nissan Petrol which is priced at $15,800 on website. Though the car has a V8 badge, owner states that there’s a V6 under the hood. The speedo shows 167,000 kms.

Talking about the current Nissan Patrol, a 4×4 vehicle meant for larger roads as it is launched in markets across Middle East, Australia and North America. Luxury will not be compromised in this current version as has been seen in past models of petrol.

Extensive use of wood, leather, glossy aluminum will be seen in the new petrol which will be 5.1 meters in length with a wheel base of a little more than 3 meters. Additional space in cabin is a point worthy of mention as the previous model was too cramped for comfort.

It is being offered with a 5.6L V8 VK56VD engine while right hand drive buyers will get a diesel engine. Seven speed transmission and all wheel drive are among its host of features.

Nissan Petrol is not new to the auto market. It has been in circulation as a four wheel drive manufactured in Japan since 1961. It was earlier known as the Nissan Safari which saw good demand in countries like Australia, South East Asia and Western Europe.