Rolls Royce Phantom Chicane Coupe bespoke variant

rolls-phantom-chicane-01-1Mohammed, along with Rolls Royce Bespoke team has designed this special Chicane Phantom Coupe in keeping with the unique atmosphere displayed at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The luxury model sees a refreshed interior with wood and carbon fiber detailing while the hood and windscreen surrounds are in matte black.

Exteriors are in Gunmetal exterior paint with matching wheels used for the first time on a contemporary Rolls Royce model. Interiors see seats with a chequered flag motif embroidery with a metal plaque on the glove compartment displaying the car name and Goodwood Motor Circuit. Each and every element of the Rolls Royce Chicane Phantom Coupé is exclusive, catering to the demands and personal specifications of customers.

This bespoke model is minus its price tag but with no two models alike, the Rolls Royce Chicane Phantom Coupé is sure to be affordable to only those buyers with a robust wallet. For more information, scroll through the press release below.