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Rolls Royce reputation at stake as they recall 74 Phantoms

Rolls Royce reputation as being the luxury auto brand and preferred automobile of the British Royal Family took a beating as 74 Rolls Royce Phantoms sold between 2003 and 2009 have been recalled. The possibility of an oil leak in the power braking system is what may affect the power braking assistance, resulting in the company undertaking this major recall.

Clients are not too happy about this recall which the company is undertaking even though there have been no reported incidents of brake failure. The recall will also affect 36 Ghost Sedans sold between 2009 and 2011 due to a problem with the turbo cooling pump which may develop cracks causing the coolant to seep out into the electronics which could lead to a fire.

Company spokespersons are aware that this major recall will affect company reputation but they are not taking any chances in case something should go dangerously wrong. Customers expect perfection after spending such princely amounts for their cars. But well accidents do happen even in the best of engineering and hence the company is initiating this recall.

According to Stephen Corby, Editor, Top Gear, “I drove one of the cars that’s been recalled I believe, a Drophead Phantom, and it was probably the most, in some ways the most spectacular car I’ve ever driven. The sense of being in it while you are watching a movie because there is no sound that comes through of an engine, you can’t hear anything, you can’t feel the bumps in the road as if you’re just gliding over everything and all you can see people’s faces being contorted with a mixture of shock and joy as they stare at you.”

Talking about the RR recall, he said, “Car companies generally are very, very cautious about this kind of thing. If there is the slightest chance of something going wrong they do do a recall, but generally they’ll just concern a certain model whereas this is across their entire range. Customers shelling out up to half a million dollars on a car expect better. You expect perfection. That is why it is such a surprise, because Rolls Royces are engineered to the nth degree. There is probably more engineering in them than the space shuttle, so it is an enormous surprise that they would make a mistake like this or that even that there is a chance of a mistake.”


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