Rolls Royce sales jump 6% in 2016 – Delivers 4,011 luxury cars

2016 was a particularly noteworthy year for Rolls Royce where sales were concerned. Rolls Royce noted a 6% increase in sales in 2016 as compared to sales in the previous year. A total of 4,011 units were delivered during the past year, just short of the company’s 2014 sales which was their record year.

Taking region wise sales into account, sales increased in all leading markets except the Middle East wherein sales dipped marginally. A notable fall in demand for luxury goods was noted across the Middle East which is otherwise a leading market for Rolls Royce cars. However, despite these challenges, sales in the area were enough to rank third overall.

Rolls Royce 103EX Future
Rolls Royce 103EX Future Concept

Sales across Europe increased 28% during 2016 while sales in the US were up 12% as were sales in Asia Pacific which also grew by 5% during the past year. Rolls Royce sales in Japan were particularly notable with sales increasing by 51%.

Sales in Germany were also up 30% and sales in the UK increased by 26%. During 2016, Rolls Royce also opened 6 new dealerships taking final total to 136 dealers globally while added investments into the company’s Goodwood facility were also brought in as new models are in the pipeline.

Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge 2016 Geneva Motor Show LIve photos

Rolls Royce Dawn convertible accounted for 35% volume while Black Badge Wraith accounting for 20% sales were among the best sellers during the past year.