Rolls Royce Serenity unveiled at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

With bespoke cars playing a vital role in the Rolls Royce lineup, British marquee, Rolls Royce has unveiled yet another example of their exquisite craftsmanship. Meet Rolls Royce Serenity.

Rolls Royce Serenity

On display at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Rolls Royce Serenity is based on the new RR Phantom Series II. The cabin of Serenity is done up in handwoven Chinese silk with hand painted crimson blossoms and smoked cherry wood interiors.

The choicest mother of pearl, bamboo and cross banding and arctic white leather accents continues its oriental appeal while the mother of pearl paint is exclusively developed for this car. It is a one-off paint that is applied in three stages and is finished with 12 hours of hand polishing. The silk used in the interiors have been specially sourced from Suzhou, China and dyed by master craftsmen in China. In Britain, these silks have been hand stitched for the car’s interiors while blossom motifs have been designed by Have and Lusby and embroidered onto the silken fabric.

Rolls Royce Serenity

The same oriental theme continues to its exteriors wherein two colour coachline and three colour blossom motifs are painted on with squirrel hair brush by the deft hand of Mark Court. Two parasols feature the Serenity motif and are held in place by exquisite leather loops on the boot lid. The luggage compartment also sports Arctic White leather lining and an Arctic White carpet.

No details on price has been revealed as on date. Considering the standard Rolls Royce Phantom can cost upto £350,000, there is no doubt that this bespoke version can come in with a price tag of £1 million.