This is why you don’t find a Rolls Royce Spirit Of Ecstasy in chor bazaar – Video

Budding car thieves start with stealing badges as evident from the sheer number of Skoda, Volkswagen, and BMW badges that are being sold in chor bazaar. Only when the badges are stolen we realize that they are way more valuable (and expensive) than we thought.

So, if you own a Rolls Royce whose Spirit of Ecstasy is easily the most expensive hood ornament in the world, you would want it to be secure from thieves.

The mascot which is made of stainless steel by default but can also be specified in 24 carrot gold plating or in frozen crystal could cost over USD 10,000 (around INR 6.67 lakhs). The Spirit of Ecstasy has been adorning the long bonnets of Rolls Royces since 1920.

We all know that the ornament is electrically retractable when required at a touch of a button on the dashboard but how many of you know that the retracting system gets triggered if somebody tries to fiddle with the lady? Well, this video clearly shows that one can’t steal the Spirit Of Ecstasy, at least not without prying open the radiator grille and risking being discovered.

Jade Pearl Rolls Royce Wraith Spirit of Ecstasy
The Spirit of Ecstasy could cost over USD 10,000 depending on the material.

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This anti-theft measure has been a standard feature on the Rolls Royce cars from 2004. That’s why you never see a Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy on sale at shady shops.

Rolls Royce 103ED Future Concept – Photos

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