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Rolls Royce Trent XWB dispatched: World’s most fuel efficient jet engine

rolls royce trent xwb jet engine 1st delivery

The Trent XWB programme begin in 2006. About 8 years later, Rolls Royce celebrated one of their most important day – they dispatched the first Trent XWB jet engine which will be fitted on to the first Airbus A350, due to be delivered to Qatar Airways later this year.

rolls royce trent xwb jet engine 1st deliveryDeveloped from the Trent 1000, Trent XWB exclusively powers the Airbus A350. Because it is the most efficient, it is also the world’s fastest selling jet engine. Qatar already has ordered 80, Emirates ordered 100, and this is just the start. Rolls Royce already has orders for 1,600 such engines, which is for 800 A350’s. Airbus has estimated that they will build about 2,000 A350’s over the course of its life.

Trent XWB is also one of the most advanced engines today. It’s fan blades are tough enough to withstand weights of upto 90 tonnes, the large body of the engine can fit around a Concorde. The engine sucks up 1.5 tonnes of air every second. Static thrust of the engine is rated at 97,000 lbf.

To meet high demand, Rolls Royce is aiming to increase production to one Trent XWB engine per day by 2017. For this year, they target to deliver about 30 of these engines. As of today, the order book for the XWB accounts for 53% of Rolls Royce’ total order book, which is valued at £60 billion (approx Rs 6 lakh crores). Watch the time lapse video of the making of Rolls Royce’ Trent XWB below.


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