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Royal Enfield dealers contact Pegasus 500 owners – Offer ABS variant as replacement, free service

Last week we reported that Royal Enfield is working on a plan to bring the issue with unhappy Pegasus 500 owners. As per that plan, Royal Enfield dealers will individually connect with Pegasus 500 owners who are unhappy. It has now come to our notice that Royal Enfield dealers has started getting in touch with Pegasus 500 customers.

Some of the Pegasus 500 owners residing in the cities of Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore and Jaipur have been contacted by Royal Enfield dealers. Some owners in Goa have also been contacted. This was revealed by Mr Anuj Singh from Noida, who himself is a Pegasus 500 owner. Anuj has not yet received any call from Royal Enfield dealer.

File photo – Pegasus 500 on display at dealership in India.

As per Anuj, who is in touch with about 60 other Pegasus 500 owners who are unhappy with the treatment dished out to them by the company; says that Royal Enfield dealers are offering various schemes. The first option is a complete buyback. The dealer will take the bike, and give full amount back to the owner. These bikes will then be put as display bikes in the dealership, and will be sold to new customers.

The second option the dealer is giving, is 1 year insurance and two free service. Third is get a replacement in the form of Stealth Black 500 ABS or Desert Storm 500 ABS. Over the next few days Royal Enfield dealers will be getting in touch with all the Pegasus 500 owners who have shared their displeasure.

Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 was launched in India back in July this year. It was sold as the most expensive RE till date, at about Rs 2.65 lakhs on road. The owners knew very well, that the bike was not coming with ABS. But, they were ready to pay good money, just for the exclusivity factor – which as per many owners, was in the form of stencilled number on the fuel tank.

This unique identity factor got ruined when RE launched Classic Signals 350 a month later. This was a much cheaper option, came with ABS, and got the stencilled number too. This probably resulted in the huge protest which followed. Some Pegasus 500 owners went ahead and placed their brand new Pegasus 500 in garbage dumps, while some went and kept it back in the dealership, some did not take delivery and so on. Hopefully, with the latest solution, the matter will soon be put to rest.

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