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Royal Enfield 2014 sales cross 3 lakh units, starts 2015 with 43 pct growth

Not only Royal Enfield sold more than 3 lakh motorcycles in 2014, they also managed to surpass Harley Davidson in doing so. To be precise, Royal Enfield 2014 sales stood at 302,591 units. Though the comparison is unfair, as Royal Enfield’s most expensive model is priced at a little over INR 2 lakhs, while the most affordable model in Harley Davidson lineup in India is at INR 5 lakhs. But still, this is a huge achievement for the Indian brand. The Chennai based manufacturer now targets enhanced global expansion and wishes for strong presence in Western Europe and US.

Royal Enfield 2014 sales shows the efforts put in over the last few years.

While the thought of exceeding Harley Davidson in sales was a distant dream, Royal Enfield has a long way to go, before they taste a similar kind of success as Harley Davidson in international markets. But they are on course. Last year, Royal Enfield hired Rod Copes, former Head of Global Sales and Customer Service from Harley Davidson as President of its North American business. The Indian brand also hired Pierre Terblanche, former designer at Ducati, as Chief Designer.

Royal Enfield aims to emerge as the largest player globally in the mid sized motorcycle market. Though they are yet to produce a motorcycle with engine capacity above 535cc, the company is actively upgrading its portfolio and adding a host of new products. Plans to launch motorcycles in the 535+ cc category are already in place.

Speaking about their performance last month, January 2015 – Royal Enfield couldn’t have asked for a better start to a new year. They registered a 43% increase in overall sales, which stood at 28,927 units as compared to 20,232 units in January 2014. Domestic sales stood at 28,157 units as compared to 19,808 units, while exports stood at 770 units as compared to 424 units.

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