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Royal Enfield 500 Pegasus thrown into garbage by owner – Says its useless

With Royal Enfield not managing to offer a solution to Pegasus 500 owners, one of them has decided to go ahead and discard his brand new motorcycle in a garbage dump. As per the post shared on social media, which reads – “Pegasus owner Dheeraj Jarua goes and throws his bike in garbage dump… Says that this bike is just like useless trash to us after the launch of Signals.”

So what exactly happened here? Well, Royal Enfield launched a limited edition Pegasus 500 motorcycle last month in India. They said that it is an exclusive motorcycle and only 250 units of them will be made.

But, within a few weeks they launched a similar looking Classic 350 version, which is priced about Rs 80k cheaper and also gets ABS. This has left the Pegasus 500 owners furious. They are of the opinion that the company Royal Enfield has cheated them. Royal Enfield did revert, and this is what they gave as a reply to Pegasus 500 owners.

Furious with the reply, Mr Tridib Sood, one of the owner of Pegasus 500 owner gave this reply – “So, you mean to say that we paid Rs.35k extra, in few cities Rs. 50k, just for the color and that one emblem, that’s it?? Glad you didn’t justified yourself by saying that what makes the RE Pegasus unique is the small nut that has been used just beside the engine, and those nuts would’nt be used in any your future bikes.

I have few questions for you:
1. If it was just the color and the emblem, why did you make this big fuzz about it’s overall styling, specially the unique stenciled number on the tank?
2. How can a ‘homage’ to the Indian Army and Airforce be exactly same to ‘homage’ to the British Army?
3. Why didn’t we get ABS when the rest of the 750 bikes sold around the world has ABS in them?
4. Why are your dealers calling up people, who couldn’t get their hands on the Pegasus 500, and telling them to test ride the Signals 350 as it looks exactly the same to the former model?

1. While I do have very high regards for the Indian Army, Indian Airforce and the British Army, I don’t understand why you would charge a higher premium from an Indian customer for a bike which is a tribute to the British Army, than the one which is a tribute to the Indian Army. This doesn’t makes any sense.

2. If we take out point no. 1 from the consideration and just look at both these bikes from price to value perspective, the only additional value in RE Pegasus 500 is the saddle kit and the leather belt on the air filter box, where as, on RE Signals 350 is the dual channel ABS.

Rs. 32k premium for a saddle kit and few minor cosmetic changes, against Rs. 14k premium for dual channel ABS. Is it fair and justified?

Have the guts to say that ‘Signals 350’ has absolutely nothing in it that pays tribute to the Indian Army or Airforce. You are just trying to mint some money on Pegasus 500’s popularity and that’s exactly what we are hearing from your call centers and authorised dealers. It all comes down to this dirty money business.

The fact of the matter is you made FALSE COMMITMENTS to all of us with Pegasus 500 being a limited motorcycle. What you did by launching Signals 350 is PURELY UNETHICAL. Remember this, today your company is what it is just because for your customers and the love & trust they showed in your products. Well, YOU HAVE LOST ALL OF IT NOW!!”

Owners are of the opinion that seeing huge demand for Pegasus 500, the company decided to launch cheap Pegasus 350 and give it a different name. Their dealers are calling customers and saying that those who missed buying Pegasus 500, can now buy Classic 350 Signals edition – it looks exactly the same as Pegasus.

This is not the first time owners have called out Royal Enfield for such a situation. Sometime back, they were also criticized by a few Himalayan Sleet owners. The Sleet edition was launched as a limited edition bike of just 500 units. But seeing popularity, the company later made it regular edition and it is on sale even today.

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